Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Septemeber, 27, 2009

Sunday Morning. Called Alex. Called Jeanine. Called Gislane. Took the path. Daydreamed about Wonderland. Got to Chelsea. Talked to Crack. Ate broccoli pizza. Walked Downtown. Met Alex at work. Looked at puppies. Walked to The Strand. Dreamed about Fashion. Walked to the park and listened to Jazz. Walked to Joe's (something) and bought Sparkiling White Wine "Almond flavored". Sat in the park, drank wine and ate chesse. Walked back to Chealsa and spoke of Tacos, Cadimin, Shrooms, Coke, Acid and Weed. Got to Gislane's Place and Crack was watching Brother's and Sisters. Walked to the Path. Walked home. Ate Chinese and wacthed Chis Rock.

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