Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 2, 2009

Drew Sloan. Ammar played basketball and watched football. Ate chicken sandwiches, and thought about tacos. Slept and dreamt about driving a semi truck down an icy road to hit another truck only to wound a bear and wreak my truck.

October 1, 2009

Got woken up by Michael. Got the message. Went to the city and got off at 33rd when I should have gotten off at Christopher St. Walked to Soho and got to EMC2. Interviewed and recognized Emmit from project runway. Walked back to Broadway and ate Wendy's. Got into a fight with Ammar and got over it. Went to Vento, Planet (something), and D for Doggy. Met the wrong alex. Called Jeanine and surprised Gislane. Talked to Crack about guys she liked and Ammar got a hair cut. Got to jersey ate an apple pie and ice cream. Got home, slept.

September 30, 2009

Ammar died his facial hair and stained his face. Cleaned up and moved some clothes . She snapped and yelled at me. I pictured myself pushing her out the window as I dreamt that night.


Images of you trail across my daydreams 
Poisoning my perception of the present
I resist the urge to miss you
Reminding myself of how different you've become
We run away as broken magnets
Accepting the offer to be apart
And as I think of the love we never lost
I realized,

It was me who had changed all along.