Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September, 29, 2009

Indulged in sleep until 12:00. Got Rachel's letter, felt sad and had thoughts of rebellious behavior. Waited around for my meeting, and decided to walked to the mall. Came back before 4:00. Ammar went to play football and I looked for jobs online. Tried to leave at 4:30, but was offered a ride. Ate chicken. Left late and left too many voice messages on Stephanie's phone. But was on time because she was late. Meeting was great. Called Sarah and felt good. Walked to the Strand and some lady was speaking of Obama. Walked to Barnes and Noble's and to Borders. Got to Jersey. Got an ice cream and walked home. Ate chicken and watched Be Kind Rewind.

September, 28, 2009

Monday. Woke up. Checked my email. Stephanie rescheduled. Called Gislane and rescheduled. Asked Ammar what he wanted to do. Left for New Brunswick. Called mom. Got on the train, and thought about the dynamics of a healthy friendship. Then got a ticket for not buying a ticket on the train. Grieved. Bought a ticket to New Bunswick. Got a muffin. Got to Rutgers. Got lost. Got directions. Got lost on a bus. Got off and was 5min. too late to ask any questions. Went to the basketball stadium and felt overwhelmed. Ammar took a basketball. Got on a bus. Got off. Got rained on. Got on the Train. Fell asleep and dreamt of wonderland. Got off and missed our train. Ate a Munchkin. Got happy about McDonald's. Got scared about being happy about McDonald's. My Cd player's batteries ran out. Got home. Ate chinesse and watched 10,000 B.C.

Septemeber, 27, 2009

Sunday Morning. Called Alex. Called Jeanine. Called Gislane. Took the path. Daydreamed about Wonderland. Got to Chelsea. Talked to Crack. Ate broccoli pizza. Walked Downtown. Met Alex at work. Looked at puppies. Walked to The Strand. Dreamed about Fashion. Walked to the park and listened to Jazz. Walked to Joe's (something) and bought Sparkiling White Wine "Almond flavored". Sat in the park, drank wine and ate chesse. Walked back to Chealsa and spoke of Tacos, Cadimin, Shrooms, Coke, Acid and Weed. Got to Gislane's Place and Crack was watching Brother's and Sisters. Walked to the Path. Walked home. Ate Chinese and wacthed Chis Rock.

September, 25, 2009

Went to the city. Missed Pringle. Lost Ammar. Looked for jobs. Finally did what I wanted. Looked around Home Depot.Got home ideas. Thought about mom winning the lottery. Got an application to work at G.N.C. Walked Broadway,turned around. Went to borders and looked though W Magazine. Tried to buy a ticket home. No change. Thought about what to buy for change. Walked around for an hour, Whole Foods, Starbucks, A Convince store.......Then just got change from the ticket stand.Bought a ticket. Stared a guy sleeping on the train.Thought about what he was dreaming about. Bought a Light Rail ticket before someone offered me one for free. Thought about my N.Y.C. video. Thought about fashion. I want to live here.

Friday, September 11, 2009