Sunday, July 20, 2014

Head to Toe

I find forms in you that I've never known,
Yet you are familiar and kinetic,
"I won't know until I touch you, kiss you",
My fore head drips while in the corner with all your shoes,
I find lines with you,
They break up all the spaces we inhabit,
You block off spaces and we play Tetris,
I wonder sometimes if I ruin it with curiosity,
All of my responses feel rehearsed,
Trying to be modern only dates my intentions,
You dismiss my dismay,
You are the bluest blue I can remember,
and I wonder if I ruin it with curiosity,
I am being honest, but not always truthful,
"I don't want to waste time with beer",
"But we've already met"
"That's true"
You are easy, and I actively work to mimic,
Your skin dresses your body,
Passages of a teenage dream,
You are all things familiar and kinetic,
Even though there are forms in you I've never known.