Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Day 7

A picture of someone/ something that has had the biggest impact on you.

Irma Salinas (1970), Susanna Alvarado (1973), Jeremiah Dumuran (1976), Elias Gurrola (1988), Ammar Shahid (1991).

When growing up it is understood that you adopt your idea of what a home should be based on your environment. Your life can begin to mold itself around the factors you find most important. Though if you’re using my visual references, you may find that you instead decide to quickly throw your life together and choose an endless landscape of 24 hour chaos. This includes but is not limited to- spending recklessly, using poor judgment and assuming unhealthy ways of dealing with your emotions. As I make the transition into my own life, I can already see the cracks in the foundation. With the credit card debt from the casino, the two years of experience as a couch potato and the warrant for my arrest it’s easy to think that some were I made a wrong turn. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though, because my older siblings used a similar life model. By no means are their lives sane, but neither do they seem to regret the paths they’ve taken, I can tell from the stories tell.

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