Monday, March 23, 2009

Beyond the Forefront

I sat, an ill sport to the day's schedule
a dream scape paraded my mind
before a sense of reality began to drone in
Her words repeated in my mind
and all my mistakes played in slow motion

My mind wanders to dark places

Counting down the days
When i can once again speak without
Regretful undertones

I think about you
It's been a long time
but your imprint has filled as though
you had never gone

Movie-like images of your smile
penetrate my train of thought
I sabotage the idea that I would see you

and decide to just hang up.


m* said...

i miss you elias... i'm feeling very homesick and lonely today :( i wish you were down the road, so we can do something, anything, at least we'd have each other

Elias Gurrola said...

I'm feeling very much so, the same, and would like someone to talk to.I wish you were up.