Monday, January 19, 2009

Febuary 6, 2006

It was hard to stay focused to the drowning voices of her morning class after the vivid images of the posed reality that i admired replayed, thinking about possible realities overseas. It had been easier to accept of unappriciated mood of life when presented through a blurred sence of morality. Low set eyes submitted a calm exhale of breath, as my unsteady heart skipped like rocks across the water. I choose heavy unsettled uncounciousness as the shadows spilled over and engulfed me in it's empitness. I had dug out another holoe in the pit of my stomach only to be filled by the grey expressions of yet another monday morning. He had understood the neutral battlegrounds understood the how to duel between the lines. I had now, only to deal with the muted affections of people with dotted outlines.

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